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      Reading Comprehension

      Directions:Read the following three passages.Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements.For each of them mere are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


      Joe Biggs was a butcher.His shop was in a village in one of the most beautiful parts of southern England.He worked in it for many years while his father was there.Then,when his father reached the age of 65,he stopped working in the shop.Joe was alone in it,so he had to work harder.Joe worked five and a half days a week.His shop shut at one o?clock on Thursday,and it was shut the whole of Sunday.Saturdays were the busiest days.

      Joe had a big refrigerator in his shop,but he tried not to buy too much meat at a time.One Thursday a woman came into the shop at five minutes to one.“I'm sorry I'm very late,” she said,“but some people have just telephoned to say that they are going to come to dinner tonight,and I need some more meat.” Joe only had one piece of good meat in the shop.He had sold all the rest earlier in the day.He took the piece out and said to the woman.“This is £7.15.”“That piece is too small,” the woman answered.“Haven't you got anything bigger?” Joe went into the room behind his shop,opened the refrigerator,put the piece of meat into it,took it out again and shut the door of the refrigerator with a lot of noise.Then he brought the piece of meat back to the woman and said,“This piece is bigger and more expensive.It's £9.30.”“Good,” the woman answered with a smile.“Give me both of them,please.”

      ( ) 1.Joe worked alone in the shop _________.

      A.on Saturdays

      B.on Thursdays

      C.after his father died

      D.after his father stopped working

      ( ) 2.Joe sold meat in his shop _________.

      A.on Thursday afternoons

      B.on Sundays

      C.on Fridays

      D.every day

      ( ) 3.One day a woman came to his shop _________.

      A.at 1:55,Tuesday

      B.at 1:05

      C.to say sorry to him

      D.because someone had suddenly telephoned her

      ( ) 4.Which of the following is true?

      A.People bought all the meat from him.

      B.The woman didn't want the expensive piece of meat.

      C.Joe brought the woman a different piece.

      D.The woman wanted to buy the two pieces of meat together.

      ( ) 5.Joe only had one piece of good meat because _________.

      A.Joe's refrigerator had broken

      B.he tried not to buy too much meat at a time

      C.he knew that the meat would go bad

      D.he had no money to buy more


      The case for college has been accepted without question for more than a generation.All high school graduates ought to go,because college will help them earn more money,become“better people”,and learn to be more responsible citizens than those who don't go.

      But college has never been able to work its magic for everyone.And now that close to half our high school graduates are attending,those who don't fit the pattern are becoming more and more,and more obvious.College graduates are selling shoes and driving taxis;College students get in the way of each other's experiments and write false letters of recommendation(推薦)in the competition for admission to graduate school.Others find no interest in their studies,and drop out—often encouraged by college administrators(教導主任).

      Some observers say the fault is with the young people themselves—they are spoiled and they are expecting too much.But that is a condemnation(譴責)of the students as a whole,and does not explain all campus unhappiness.Others blame the state of the world,and they are partly right.We've been told that young people have to go to college because our economy cannot take in an army of untrained eighteen year old.But disappointed graduates are learning that it can no longer take in an army of trained twenty year old,either.

      Some adventuresome educators and campus watchers have openly begun to suggest that college may not be the best,the proper,the only place for every young person after the completion of high school.We may have been looking at all those surveys(調查)upside down,it seems,and thinking of the rosy glow of our own remembered college experiences.Perhaps college does not make people intelligent,ambitious,happy,liberal,or quick to learn things—maybe it is just the other way round,and intelligent,ambitious,happy,liberal,or quick people are only the ones who have been attracted to college in the first place.And perhaps all those successful college graduates would have been successful whether they had gone to college or not.This is heresy(異端邪說)to those of us who have been brought up to believe that if a little schooling is good,more has to be much better.But opposite evidence is beginning to mount up.

      ( )1.According to the passage all the following statements are true EXCEPT that.

      A.about half of the high school graduates continue their studies in colleges

      B.college graduates are believed to be able to earn more money

      C.administrators often encourage college students to drop out

      D.more and more young people are found unfit for college

      ( )2.Which of the following is one of some observers opinions?

      A.The students expect so much that they are not satisfied with the hard college life.

      B.The economic situation is so discouraging that the youth have to attend college.

      C.Colleges should improve because of so much campus unhappiness.

      D.Colleges provide more chances of good jobs than anywhere else.

      ( )3.What does the underlined sentence in paragraph 4 mean?

      A.Our college experiences prove that those surveys are incorrect.

      B.The surveys may remind us of our beautiful college experiences.

      C.The surveys should all be reexamined according to our college experiences.

      D.Our college experiences may make us misunderstand the results of the surveys.

      ( )4.What is the main purpose of this passage?

      A.To value young people's further education in college.

      B.To put forward an idea that college should not be the first choice.

      C.To argue against the idea that college is the best place for all young people.

      D.To persuade young people into working after the completion of high school.


      (七):1-5 D C D D B

      (八):1-4 C B D C







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