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      Reading Comprehension

      Directions:Read the following three passages.Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements.For each of them mere are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


      Life is not easy,so I'd like to say “When anything happens,believe in yourself.” When I was a young boy,I was so shy that I dare not talk to anyone.My classmates often laughed at me.I was sad but could do nothing.Later,something happened,and it changed my life.It was an English speech contest.My English teacher asked me to take part in it.What a terrible idea! It meant I had to speak before all the teachers and students of my school!

      “Come on,boy,believe in yourself.You are sure to win.” Then my teacher and I talked about many different topics.At last I chose the topic “Believe in yourself”.I tried my best to remember all the speech and practiced it over 100 times.With my teacher's great love,I did well in the contest.I could hardly believe my ears when the news came that I had won the first place.I heard the cheers from the teachers and students.Those classmates who once looked down on me,now all said “Congratulations!” to me.My teacher hugged (擁抱) me and cried excitedly.

      Since then,everything has changed for me.When I do anything,I try to tell myself to be sure and I will find myself.This is true not only for a person but also for a country.

      (  )1.The story tells us when we do anything,we must _________.

      A.believe in ourselves

      B.choose a good topic

      C.practice it over 100 times

      D.look down on ourselves

      (  )2.The boy did well in the contest,because _________.

      A.he did his best before the contest

      B.he was very clever

      C.his classmates helped him

      D.the contest was easy

      (  )3.The classmates often laughed at the boy,because _________.

      A.he believed himself

      B.he was too young

      C.he was too shy

      D.he was too sad

      (  )4.What changed the boy's life?

      A.The topic he chose

      B.The classmates congratulations.

      C.The classmates cheers.

      D.The English speech contest.


      Media alarms have been loud recently:Electronic commerce(電子商務)is in danger.A crime wave threatens to bring damage on the World Wide Web.Any web site is their target,no matter how big.

      Predictably,officials in Washington responded feverishly as FBI antihacking squads(反黑客小組)moved into action.The unlucky firms were mostly huge players in ecommerce and news broadcasting,accustomed to always reaching large number of people.So,the attacks from the Internet is easy.“We are committed in every way to find out those who are responsible,”said the team leader.

      Top judges are eager to catch the criminal who interferes with the computer systems of large companies.But there is no search for clues as to millions of American are excluded from big media if they happen to be poor.What about their right to be widely heard—through,TV,radio,newspapers or heavily trafficked web sites?Facing the danger of American business and government agencies,the hacker now making headlines are living dangerously.Their slight interference with the rights of companies to be widely heard is a definite no—no.Too bad we haven't been able to speak against the social orders continual interference with the rights of poor people to be heard by the public.

      In effect,unfairness exists in the American—style freedom of speech.Those with deep pockets enjoy its full of freedom in news media,those with empty pockets are pretty much beside the point;the constant blocking they face creates no headlines and sparks.

      “The law,in its majestic equality,forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges,to beg in the streets and to steal bread,” the writer Anatole Rance commented a century ago.Today,the media offers a similar kind of equality.

      (  )1.The 3rd and 4th paragraph implies that the hacking is_________.

      A.caused by the judges who have wronged some people

      B.due to large companies carelessness

      C.due to the lack of right of speech of poor people through legal ways

      D.caused by the fact that the hacked web sites have too many enemies

      (  )2.The passage is mainly concerned with_________.

      A.American business B.the media

      C.the action of FBI D.the problem of hackers

      (  )3.The latter half of this passage is basically_________.

      A.a continued discussion of Internet safety

      B.a discussion of the freedom of speech of the U.S.

      C.about business on the Internet

      D.about FBI's action

      (  )4.Attacks from the Internet is easy because_________.

      A.the web site is designed to reach many people

      B.the technique of hacking is easy

      C.the FBI have not been doing their job properly

      D.Internet itself is too big


      (三)1-4 A A C D

      (四)1-4 C D B A







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