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      Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      Leonardo da Vinci was a great artist.He lived in___1__in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.He painted some of___2__pictures in the world.Mona Lisa is a good example of his works.He___3__painting Mona Lisa in 1503.

      Da Vinci loved science and___4__.He used darkness and light in a clever way in the painting.And a person can___5__see that there is a lot of geometry(幾何學) in Mona Lisa.The face of Mona Lisa is___6__many circles and round shapes like balls.Even her___7__can be seen as a small part of a large circle.

      The woman in the painting is___8__on a balcony ( 陽臺) and mountains can be seen behind her.Da Vinci loved to study rocks and mountains,___9__we can see these in his other paintings.

      The woman is sitting with her knees to the side.Her hands are held together___10__her.This way of sitting is now used by many artists when they are painting a picture of a man or woman.

      ( )1.A.China B.Italy C.Japan D.Canada

      ( )2.A.less famous B.more famous C.the least famous D.the most famous

      ( )3.A.forgot B.began C.allowed D.remembered

      ( )4.A.math B.music C.English D.chemistry

      ( )5.A.early B.easily C.safely D.happily

      ( )6.A.used for B.worked out C.put away D.made of

      ( )7.A.cry B.tears C.smile D.sadness

      ( )8.A.lying B.walking C.sitting D.reading

      ( )9.A.so B.but C.or D.until

      ( )10.A.under B.behind C.next to D.in front of


      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      During our two months on the road,Bennett and I had a really___1__experience with a good,honest___2__and some helpful mechanics.

      We were driving east on Highway 10 when our “chick engine” light came on.We limped of a (n)___3__into Las Cruces.We had a real car___4__.Bennett nursed the car into a local garage.By this time the car was missing(熄火)so___5__it was shaking all over.This was the___6__time to arrive at a garage—late Friday afternoon.Service adviser Scott was busy___7__paper work and customers as we___8__our problems.___9__he was already “ten cars behind”,he told us to pull the car into the garage.

      Lincoln,who we later___10__was one of the two motor technicians,took___11__of our car repairing.He and Scott and some other mechanics stayed several hours after closing,___12__the car.

      Early the next morning (the shop was officially closed on Saturdays),Lincoln finally located the___13__and fixed it easily within only___14__.

      Later Scott___15__out to us that it was our attitude that helped.“You didn't come into the place demanding this or that.You showed an___16__of our problems on a busy Friday afternoon.Customer's attitude means a lot.” He was right in some way,customers should show___17__and understanding to people who___18__them.___19__people were extremely busy,they found way to at least try and help when they are met with politeness.

      The pleasant experience I had shows that___20__for other people can always help.

      (  ) 1.A.awful B.pleasant C.wonderful D.terrible

      (  ) 2.A.station B.studio C.factory D.garage

      (  ) 3.A.exit B.turning C.crossing D.entrance

      (  ) 4.A.difficulty B.examination C.trouble D.disaster

      (  ) 5.A.busily B.badly C.quickly D.weakly

      (  ) 6.A.highest B.easiest C.luckiest D.worst

      (  ) 7.A.at B.on C.with D.by

      (  ) 8.A.explained B.introduced C.repeated D.expressed

      (  ) 9.A.As B.Because C.Even D.Though

      (  ) 10.A.learned B.understood C.recognized D.though

      (  ) 11.A.care B.control C.charge D.pride

      (  )12.A.building B.examining C.repairing D.driving

      (  ) 13.A.problem B.disease C.danger D.wound

      (  ) 14.A.days B.hours C.months D.minutes

      (  ) 15.A.spoke B.pointed C.broke D.blew

      (  ) 16.A.understanding B.ignorance C.appreciation D.awareness

      (  ) 17.A.cruelness B.fairness C.calmness D.politeness

      (  ) 18.A.comfort B.protect C.serve D.rescue

      (  ) 19.A.Even if B.Even as C.Even so D.Even then

      (  ) 20.A.obedience B.respect C.patience D.mercy


      (十一):1—5 BDBAB 6—10 DCCAD

      (十二):1—5 BDACB 6—10 DCADA 11—15 CBADB 16—20 ADCAB







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