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      2019-09-30 09:47:30| 來源:中公教師網




      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      I was a single parent of four small children,working at a low paid job.Money was always tight,but we had a___1__over our heads,food on the table,clothes on our backs,and if not a lot,always___2__.Not knowing we were poor,my kids(孩子們) just thought I was__3__.I've always been glad about that.

      It was Christmas time,and although there wasn't__4__for a lot of gifts,we planned to celebrate with a family party.But the big__5__for the kids was the fun of Christmas__6__.

      They planned weeks ahead of time,asking__7__what they wanted for Christmas.Fortunately,I had saved MYM120 for__8__to share by all five of us.

      The big__9__arrived.I gave each kid a twenty?dollar bill and__10__them to look for gifts of about four dollars each.Then everyone scattered(散開).We had two hours to shop; then we would__11__back at the “Santa's Workshop”.

      Driving home,everyone was in high Christmas spirits,__12__my younger daughter,Ginger,who was unusually__13__.She had only one small,flat bag with a few candies— fifty?cent candies! I was so angry,but I didn’t say anything__14__we got home.I called her into my bedroom and closed the door,__15__to be angry again.This is what she told me.

      “I was looking__16__thinking of what to buy,and I__17__to read the little cards on the Giving Trees. One was for a little girl,four years old,and all she__18__for Christmas was a doll(玩具娃娃).So I took the card off the tree and__19__the doll for her.We have so much and she doesn't have anything.”

      I never felt so__20__as I did that day.

      (  )1.A.roof B.hat C.sky D.star

      (  )2.A.little B.less C.enough D.more

      (  )3.A.busy B.serious C.strict D.kind

      (  )4.A.effort B.room C.time D.money

      (  )5.A.improvement B.problem C.surprise D.excitement

      (  )6.A.shopping B.travelling C.parties D.greetings

      (  )7.A.the other B.each other C.one by one D.every other one

      (  )8.A.toys B.clothes C.presents D.bills

      (  )9.A.day B.chance C.cheque D.tree

      (  )10.A.forced B.reminded C.invited D.begged

      (  )11.A.draw B.stay C.move  D.meet

      (  )12.A.including B.besides C.except D.regarding

      (  )13.A.quiet B.excited C.happy D.ashamed

      (  )14.A.since B.after C.while D.until

      (  )15.A.waiting B.ready C.hoping D.afraid

      (  )16.A.out B.over C.forward D.around

      (  )17.A.forgot B.stopped C.failed D.hated

      (  )18.A.wanted B.did C.got  D.played

      (  )19.A.made B.searched C.bought D.fetched

      (  )20.A.angry B.rich C.patient D.bitter


      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      A young man was getting ready to graduate from college.For many months he had__1__a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom,and__2__his father could well__3__it,he told him that was all he wanted.

      On the morning of his graduation day his father called him into his own study and told him how__4__he was to have such a good son.He handed his son a beautiful gift box.__5__but slightly disappointed,the young man__6__the box and found a lovely book.__7__,he raised his voice at his father and said,“__8__all your money you give me a book? ” and rushed out of the house,__9__the book in the study.

      He did not contact(聯系)his father for a whole year__10__one day he saw in the street an old man who looked like his father.He__11__he had to go back home and see his father.

      When he arrived at his father's house,he was told that his father had been in hospital for a week.The moment he was about to__12__the hospital,he saw on the desk the__13__new book ,just as he had left it one__14__ago.He opened it and began to__15__the pages.Suddenly,a car key__16__from an envelope taped behind the book.It had a tag(標簽)with dealer's name,the__17__dealer who had the sports car he had__18__.On the tag was the__19__of his graduation,and the__20__PAID IN FULL.

      (  )1.A.expected B.enjoyed C.admired D.owned

      (  )2.A.finding B.proving C.deciding D.knowing

      (  )3.A.afford B.offer C.keep D.like

      (  )4.A.encouraged B.comfortable C.proud D.moved

      (  )5.A.Nervous B.Serious  C.Careful D.Curious

      (  )6.A.packed B.opened  C.picked up D.put aside

      (  )7.A.Angrily B.Eagerly C.Calmly D.Anxiously

      (  )8.A.At B.From C.With D.To

      (  )9.A.toating B.putting C.forgetting D.leaving

      (  )10.A.until B.as C.before D.unless

      (  )11.A.learned B.realized C.recognized D.admitted

      (  )12.A.get to B.search for C.turn to D.leave for

      (  )13.A.much B.still C.hardly D.quite

      (  )14.A.year B.month C.week D.day

      (  )15.A.clean B.read C.turn D.count

      (  )16.A.lost B.came C.appeared D.dropped

      (  )17.A.old B.same C.special D.new

      (  )18.A.remembered B.desired C.found D.met

      (  )19.A.picture B.place C.date  D.sign

      (  )20.A.words B.information C.messages D.card


      (九):1—5 ACCDD 6—10 ABCAB 11—15 DCADB 16—20 DBACB

      (十):1—5 CDACD 6—10 BACDA 11—15 BDBAC 16—20 DBBCA







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