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      2019-09-30 09:47:25| 來源:中公教師網




      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      Personal computers are used by one person at a time.The largest personal computer,or PC's,can fit on a__1__.Some of these__2__have more than one microprocessor (微處理器).__3__the primary processor,which is a general purpose device,a PC may have one or more processors to__4__special kinds of work.Some machines,__5__,have maths processors,others have graphics (描繪) processors to help process photographs and other illustrations.Still others have__6__processors.

      Office workers also use PC's that are not__7__to a network.These machines are used for__8__tasks as word processing,performing financial calculations,and organizing and__9__bodies of information called databases (數據庫).People use PC's at__10__for some of the same kinds of tasks.They use word processing programs for__11__communication,financial software for household budgets (預算).Individuals also use their home computers to play__12__and to communicate__13__the internet.

      Small,portable PC's are__14__with people who often work away from their desks.The__15__include laptop computers,which can be__16__on the lap; notebook computers,which are about the__17__of a loose leaf notebook; and palmtop,or handheld computers,which can be operated while__18__in the hand.Laptop and notebook computers have the same__19__as desktop computers.Palmtop computers have less power but still__20__some advanced capabilities.For example,they can process household financial data.

      (  )1.A.table B.bench C.desktop D.chair

      (  )2.A.computers B.machines C.devices D.PC's

      (  )3.A.Including B.Except C.Besides D.With

      (  )4.A.handle B.deal C.work out D.type

      (  )5.A.for example B.by the way C.in the other hand D.What?s more

      (  )6.A.noise B.voice C.sound D.music

      (  )7.A.tied B.connected C.join D.link

      (  )8.A.these B.such C.different D.same

      (  )9.A.sorting B.dividing C.to arrange D.to separate

      (  )10.A.office B.company C.home D.factory

      (  )11.A.personal B.public C.official D.secret

      (  )12.A.games B.jokes C.soft wares D.matches

      (  )13.A.in B.across C.over D.above

      (  )14.A.satisfied B.helpful C.welcomed D.popular

      (  )15.A.portables B.typewriters C.computer D.lamp

      (  )16.A.put B.set C.fixed D.held

      (  )17.A.weight B.size C.length D.width

      (  )18.A.held B.holding C.took D.taking

      (  )19.A.processor B.power C.usage D.palm

      (  )20.A.provide B.supplied C.offer D.give


      Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      In the waiting room,the patients,men and women,old and young,were sitting__1__on the chairs,__2__for their turns.Billy,a school boy,was sitting there,too.They all looked very sad__3__Billy.He__4__an interesting story,and there was a smile on his face.Just then,the doctor came in to say he was ready for the next patient.Billy jumped up and ran into the__5__room.“Good morning,Doctor!” “Good morning! What's your__6__,young man?” asked the doctor.Before Billy could say a word,the doctor made him __7__down on a bed.“Now,let me listen to your heart.” Billy tried to speak,but the doctor told him__8__anything.“ I'll take your temperature.” Billy tried to sit up,but the doctor stopped him.“Now open your mouth.Mm,good.” After a moment,the doctor said,“Well,my boy,you haven't got a bad cold.It's nothing.Mm,in fact,there is__9__with you.” “I know there __10__,”said the boy.“ I just came to get some medicine for my father.”

      (  )1.A.quickly B.quietly C.luckily D.noisily

      (  )2.A.waiting B.waited C.to wait D.wait

      (  )3.A.with B.and C.except D.without

      (  )4.A.saw B.was seeing C.read D.was reading

      (  )5.A.patients B.waiting C.sitting D.doctor's

      (  )6.A.story B.trouble C.matter D.wrong

      (  )7.A.to lie B.lay C.lying D.lie

      (  )8.A.say B.not to say C.not say D.to say

      (  )9.A.wrong nothing B.something wrong C.nothing wrong D.wrong something

      (  )10.A.aren't B.are C.isn't D.is


      答案(七):1—5 CBCAA 6—10 CBBAC 11—15 AACDA 16—20 DBABA

      答案(八):1—5 BACDD 6—10 BDBCC







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