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      2019-09-30 09:47:20| 來源:中公教師網




      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      Everyone gets angry sometimes,but being angry doesn't really solve much.Your goal is to calm yourself down.This is___1__for some people.Instead of calming down,they might get more and more upset___2__they explode like a volcano (火山).Some people might say they have trouble___3__their temper.Sometimes angry feelings can be hard to___4__.So what do you do if your temper is like a volcano?

      Well,the good news is___5__people don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again.You can train your temper.Here are steps you can___6__at any time.

      Get a lot of___7__activity.Exercise can be good because it is a way of___8__energy and stress.You can dance around your room___9__your favorite music,too.

      Talk to your mom or dad.If you're having trouble with your temper,tell your parents you're trying to do a___10__job of controlling yourself.Let them know you are going to ask for their help.

      Put___11__into words.Get into the habit of saying what you are feeling and why.___12__using words might help you manage your strong feelings and behaviors.

      Take a break from the___13__.If you are in an argument with someone,go to another part of your house.You can just say,“I want to be___14__for a while so I can calm down.”

      Go into a___15__.If you feel angry and think you need a timeout to calm down,don't___16__your parents to tell you to take a timeout for yourself.Let your family know that when you're taking a timeout,they need to___17__your space and leave you alone.While you are sitting in your chair,try to take deep___18__.

      Learn to shift.The idea is to shift from a really angry mood to a better mood.After you___19__the angry feelings out,you have to start thinking about other things,You can say,“I___20__my temper,but I'm going to get myself under control now.”

      (  )1.A.usual B.common C.hard D.easy

      (  )2.A.when B.until C.while D.since

      (  )3.A.controlling B.developing C.control D.develop

      (  )4.A.affect B.manage C.find D.effect

      (  )5.A.what B.which C./ D.that

      (  )6.A.direct B.bring C.take D.change

      (  )7.A.physical B.mental C.scientific D.spiritual

      (  )8.A.sending off B.giving off C.getting off D.burning off

      (  )9.A.with B.to C.on D.about

      (  )10.A.more B.better C.less D.smaller

      (  )11.A.feelings B.hearings C.actions D.sayings

      (  )12.A.Although B.Since C.So D.But

      (  )13.A.backyard B.condition C.situation D.house

      (  )14.A.lonely B.alone C.friendless D.distant

      (  )15.A.condition B.room C.place D.timeout

      (  )16.A.look for B.ask for C.call for D.wait for

      (  )17.A.respect B.give C.offer D.make

      (  )18.A.feelings B.coughs C.sighs D.breaths

      (  )19.A.remove B.set C.give D.get

      (  )20.A.lost B.mastered C.held D.developed


      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

      It is clear that some chemicals can damage the health of animals and humans.___1__,this is not the only problem that___2__be caused by the careless use of chemicals,Chemicals can also___3__the ecological(生態的) balance of the environment.If the ecological balance is disturbed,the results can be___4__serious.

      The___5__of DDT illustrates(說明) the problem.DDT,a chemical which kills insects,at first seemed to be a perfect answer___6__many problems.It would control insects that caused dangerous diseases,___7__insects that caused billions of dollars of damage to crops every year.Governments permitted and even___8__the use of DDT.Farmers in many countries___9__to spray(噴灑) it on their crops.The___10__results were good:Damage to crops___11__down,and profits went up.However,the chemical had effects which the scientists didn't see in___12__.First,it also killed insects which were the___13__enemies of the harmful insects and which were therefore beneficial to farmers.Second,and perhaps worse,DDT did not kill___14__harmful insect.A few insects had natural resistance(抵抗力) to the chemical.They___15__and reproduced in large numbers.In a few years there were large numbers of insects which were not___16__by DDT,and there were___17__insects which could act as natural___18__on these new “super insects.”Finally,it became clear that DDT was not solving the insect problem.In fact,it was making the problem worse.It___19__became necessary to find a second___20__for the effects of the first.

      (  )1.A.Therefore B.However C.Meanwhile D.Besides

      (  )2.A.can B.must C.will D.shall

      (  )3.A.cause B.harm C.break D.disturb

      (  )4.A.little B.much C.extremely D.hardly

      (  )5.A.history B.shortcoming C.achievement D.advantage

      (  )6.A.at B.for C.to D.of

      (  )7.A.as well as B.as well C.but  D.also

      (  )8.A.asked B.requested C.declared D.encouraged

      (  )9.A.wanted B.began C.decided D.arranged

      (  )10.A.fast B.immediate C.moment D.last

      (  )11.A.put B.took C.broke D.went

      (  )12.A.need B.turn C.advance D.vain

      (  )13.A.natural B.ill C.ugly D.friendly

      (  )14.A.any B.some  C.every D.all

      (  )15.A.lived B.died C.cried D.survived

      (  )16.A.effected B.affected C.damaged D.killed

      (  )17.A.many B.a few C.a little D.fewer

      (  )18.A.controls B.enemies C.choices D.means

      (  )19.A.later B.then C.now D.so

      (  )20.A.cause B.insect C.answer D.cure


      (五):1—5 CBABD 6—10 CADBB 11—15 ACCBD 16—20 DADDA

      (六):1—5 BADCA 6—10 CADBB 11—15 DCACD 16—20 BDABD





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